Research Group "Infrastruktur und Rechnersysteme in der Informationsverarbeitung" (IRI)

History of the Research Group

The research group IRI was newly founded at Frankfurt University in December 2010 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Udo Kebschull. Its history can be traced back to Heidelberg University, Leipzig University and even further, constantly dealing with research and development of efficient computer systems which are highly optimized for special purposes. Now, the IRI group is located at Frankfurt University, Campus Riedberg.

Research Focus

Current research focuses on the development of microchip-aided (FPGA) data acquisition and processing (ROC, RORC) required by various physical experiments as well as on the design and operation of distributed control systems for such experimental facilities (DCS). Other focal points include the handling of soft errors caused by ionizing radiation in digital circuits (FAULT TOLERANCE) as well as the analysis, identification and elimination of security issues arising from large-scale, complex computer clusters (SECURITY). 


Participation in particle accelerator projects at Geneva (CERN) and Darmstadt (FAIR), characterized by high performance and reliability demands, are defining our daily routines. In addition, IRI cooperates with the local industry to enable knowledge and experience transfer to products and applications, predominantly focusing on highly performant, flexible and short-time available FPGA solutions with high potential (DATAFLOW COMPUTING).